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compulsory theoretical and experimental papers.
4 7.28 MB 18915
  meeting posters and abstracts
posters presented at meetings and their abstracts
34 96.04 MB 62720
  book chapters
review chapters in books
3 899.95 kB 8718
  invited reviews
review articles written upon request
6 3.16 MB 17766
Overview articles in peer-reviewed journals
2 1.31 MB 7493
  original research
original research in peer-reviewed journals (primary literature)
16 11.49 MB 46546
  General or popular science articles
General articles discussing science related topics or popular science articles.
4 743.71 kB 3668
CV's and list of publications
3 63.05 kB 2629
  other documents
Documents not related to any other category
7 3.99 MB 6848
  Slide Presentations
  Student lectures
Lectures on various topics given for students as part of my commitment to teaching and training of young scientists.
16 142.53 MB 13729
  Public presentations
Presentations at meetings, lab visits or as invited speaker.
10 59.81 MB 6041
  Press Articles
Press articles covering our research
2 11.28 MB 1186
Press articles with a general topic covering some aspect of our work.
4 17.13 MB 3922
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