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Open source tracking and analysis of adult Drosophila locomotion in Buridan's paradigm with and 10 Aug 12: 11:17 Colomb J, Reiter L, Blaszkiewicz J, Wessnitzer J, Brembs B 2.03 MB 3235 Not rated
Attention-Like Deficit and Hyperactivity in a Drosophila Memory Mutant 21 Jan 10: 17:23 Bruno van Swinderen and Björn Brembs 2.69 MB 1962 Not rated
Mushroom Bodies Regulate Habit Formation in Drosophila 08 Jul 09: 09:59 Björn Brembs 552.8 kB 4263 Not rated
Double Dissociation of PKC and AC Manipulations on Operant and Classical Learning in Drosophila 06 Aug 08: 15:17 Björn Brembs and Wolfgang Plendl 861.94 kB 5299 Not rated
Operant learning of Drosophila at the torque meter 17 Jun 08: 16:22 Björn Brembs 78.71 kB 2234 Not rated
Flight Initiation and Maintenance Deficits in Flies with Genetically Altered Biogenic Amine Levels 08 Oct 07: 09:08 Björn Brembs, Frauke Christiansen, Hans Joachim Pflüger and Carsten Duch 486.51 kB 2196 Not rated
Order in Spontaneous Behavior 23 May 07: 10:38 Alexander Maye, Chih-hao Hsieh, George Sugihara, Björn Brembs 856.52 kB 3816 Not rated
Different parameters support generalization and discrimination learning in Drosophila at the flight 03 Oct 06: 11:10 Björn Brembs and Natalie Hempel de Ibarra 977.32 kB 3321 Not rated
Context and occasion setting in Drosophila visual learning 03 Oct 06: 11:06 Björn Brembs and Jan Wiener 823.32 kB 3203 Not rated
The Drosophila black enigma: The molec. and behav. characterization of the black1 mutant allele. 15 Dec 05: 17:10 A. Marie Phillips, Renee Smart, Roland Strauss, Bjrn Brembs and Leonard E. Kelly 736.72 kB 3310 Not rated
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