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Extending in vitro cond. in Aplysia to analyze operant and classical proc. in the same prep.31 Jul 04: 16:28Bjrn Brembs, Douglas A. Baxter, and John H. Byrne222.96 kB3825Not rated
Operant Reward Learning in Aplysia: Neuronal Correlates and Mechanisms.25 Sep 03: 00:28Brembs B.; Lorenzetti F.D.; Reyes F.D.; Baxter D.A. and Byrne J.H.208.66 kB4400Not rated
The Operant and the Classical in conditioned orientation of Drosophila melanogaster at the FS25 Sep 03: 00:27Brembs B. and Heisenberg M.571.21 kB4263Not rated
Prior residence, territory quality and life-history strategies in juvenile Atlantic salmon25 Sep 03: 00:22Cutts C.J.; Brembs B.; Metcalfe N.B. and Taylor A.C.226.5 kB4103Not rated
Conditioning with compound stimuli in Drosophila at the flight simulator.25 Sep 03: 00:19Brembs B. and Heisenberg M.182.75 kB3801Not rated
Drosophila as a new model organism for the neurobiology of aggression?25 Sep 03: 00:17Baier A.; Wittek B. and Brembs B.150.41 kB3266Not rated
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