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car articles (0 items)
Friday 10 February 2006 bjoern author list
Mazda Miata M-Edition (2002-present) (20 items)
Friday 12 September 2003 bjoern author list
I bought this car in Wimberley, Texas in June, 2002. It is a 1996 Mazda Miata, M-Edition with the 1.8L, 4 cylinder, double overhead cam, 133hp engine.
Volvo 240 GLD6 (1994-2000) (1 item)
Friday 12 September 2003 bjoern author list
My first car was a 1980 Volvo 245 GLD6 stationwagon. It featured six inline Diesel cylinders with a capacity of 2.4l. It weighed 1.5 tons and the 72hp did not make it a sports car:-)
Ford F150 302 V8 Pickup truck (2000-2003) (4 items)
Wednesday 17 September 2003 bjoern author list
The (t)rusty old 1988 Ford F150 pickup truckwith the indestructible 302 V8 engine. A true classic!
Ford Escort station wagon (2006/2007) (1 item)
Monday 21 August 2006 bjoern author list
I got this car from my handball club, BSV Luckau. sponsored by Reinigung Zimmermann. It is a 1997 Ford Escort station wagon with a 1.8L Turbo Diesel engine with 60hp.
Peugeot 5008 Business Line Edition (2010-present) (1 item)
Sunday 17 April 2011 bjoern author list
The brand new family car
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