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Spontaneous decisions and operant conditioning in fruit flies05 Apr 11: 18:47Björn Brembs1006.6 kB5273Not rated
Towards a scientific concept of free will as a biological trait: spontaneous actions and decision-ma15 Dec 10: 20:28Björn Brembs345.7 kB4755Not rated
The biology of psychology: Simple conditioning?16 Dec 09: 17:18Colomb, J and Brembs, B983.48 kB2437Not rated
The Importance of Being Active08 Jan 09: 10:41Björn Brembs303.35 kB5103Not rated
Operant reward learning in Aplysia30 Mar 04: 18:21Bjrn Brembs54.52 kB4044Not rated
Operant conditioning in invertebrates30 Mar 04: 18:21Bjrn Brembs542.39 kB3858Not rated
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