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What's wrong with scholarly publishing?23 Jun 09: 16:21Björn Brembs5.36 MB792Not rated
Actions not responses: spontaneous decisions in fruit flies25 May 09: 14:44Björn Brembs8.21 MB615Not rated
Learning the Consequences: State-dependent Modulation of Spontaneous Decisions in Flies16 Dec 08: 16:01Björn Brembs13.49 MB670Not rated
Flight motor performance deficits in flies with genetically altered biogenic amine levels17 Mar 08: 13:50Björn Brembs2.08 MB996Not rated
PLoS One/SciVee: Scientific Video Publications18 Feb 08: 15:10Björn Brembs1.82 MB961Not rated
Neurogenetic dissection of learning-by-doing in Drosophila03 Jan 08: 16:12Björn Brembs9.72 MB857Not rated
Brains as Output/Input Devices28 Sep 06: 09:53Björn Brembs7.72 MB862Not rated
Operant Conditioning in Aplysia25 Sep 06: 14:38Björn Brembs2.41 MB868Not rated
Hierarchical Interactions in Drosophila Operant and Classical Conditioning01 Aug 06: 14:10Björn Brembs5.38 MB882Not rated
Fruit Fly Operant Conditioning01 Aug 06: 14:08Björn Brembs3.6 MB903Not rated
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