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Student lectures [ Lectures on various topics given for students as part of my commitment to teaching and training of young scientists. ]

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Physiology 101: Vision, muscles and movement (2009)13 Feb 09: 07:55Björn Brembs13.12 MB1750Not rated
Physiology 101: gasexchange (2009)13 Jan 09: 18:29Björn Brembs14.34 MB1851Not rated
Physiology 101: Diet and digestion (2009)09 Jan 09: 11:00Björn Brembs19.08 MB652Not rated
Physiology 101: Energy and Metabolism (2009)06 Jan 09: 18:20Björn Brembs6.82 MB1148Not rated
Insect Anatomy06 Nov 08: 18:41Björn Brembs10.15 MB682Not rated
Insect Morphology06 Nov 08: 18:37Björn Brembs10.51 MB652Not rated
Neuroinformatik: Verhalten10 Jan 08: 15:18Björn Brembs3.42 MB882Not rated
Grundlagen der Biologie: Tierphysiologie 2 (Verdauung)10 Jan 08: 15:16Björn Brembs8.75 MB848Not rated
Grundlagen der Biologie: Tierphysiologie 1 (Stoffwechsel)10 Jan 08: 15:15Björn Brembs3.83 MB2272Not rated
Lernen und Gedächtnis03 Jan 08: 16:10Björn Brembs9.17 MB1227Not rated
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