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ICN2010: Habituation
I did manage to get a network connection in one of the lecture halls! W00t!

This symposium was all about habituation. The first speaker was Cathy Rankin from University of British Columbia, working on C. elegans. She uses...[more]
ICN2010   rankin   glanzman   habituation   aplysia   c. elegans   
Posted on Wednesday 04 August 2010 - 21:28:38

First full day at FENS
Today has been a good day. It got off to a late start as the first plenary lecture had to be cancelled (I heard Barry Dickson is in the hospital, I hope you are OK Barry!) and on top of that I had forgotten to switch my ...[more]
FENS   meeting   Geneva   Aplysia   drugs   Glanzman   Miller   Nargeot   
Posted on Sunday 13 July 2008 - 18:20:43

SfN annual meeting over
The night before the last day of this year's annual SfN meeting marked a first in my 5 year blogging experience: I met a person who actually reads this blog regularly! Mary Petrosko, undegraduate student at ...[more]
SfN2008   petrosko   stebbins   deBelle   wolpaw   glanzman   
Posted on Thursday 20 November 2008 - 18:58:00

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