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The impact of decimals
Just yesterday I explained to the auditorium at the Robert Koch-Institut, what is wrong with scholarly publishing today. This morning, catching up with reading, I found this nice little letter to the editor of Nature:...[more]
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Posted on Friday 09 October 2009 - 08:37:50

How to increase your Impact Factor by 40%

In what might become a review article, I've recently been collecting published data about Thomson Reuters' Impact Factor (IF)´╗┐. So far, this data suggests that the IF predicts retractions better than it predicts citation...[more]
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Posted on Tuesday 03 January 2012 - 19:17:42

When even Impact Factors don't help any more
"Excellence Programs" are all the rage right now, especially here in Germany. In a widely publicized nationwide competition, our university (the Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin) was awarded the title "Excellence University" - o...[more]
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Posted on Friday 30 October 2009 - 10:28:33

NPG impact factor spam

In my spam folder this morning I found an email from Nature Publishing Group (NPG) that made me seriously doubt my previous assessment of NPG as possessing a "...[more]
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Posted on Thursday 16 February 2012 - 09:31:52

Limiting the impact of the impact factor
Jeremy Green from King's College London writes in this week's issue of Science, in response to Kai Simons' editorial:
K. Simons's Editorial "The misused impact factor" (10 October, p. 165) reminded me of the Tolstoy stor...[more]
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Posted on Friday 05 December 2008 - 16:21:51

More Impact Factor spam from Nature

Four months after the last spam campaign by Nature magazine, I find more spam mail from Nature Publishing Group in my JunkMail folder. Here they go again, touting their Impact Factor to the third decimal (more scientific...[more]
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Posted on Tuesday 19 June 2012 - 09:46:09

ScienceOnline09: How to get rid of the impact factor
ScienceOnline09I'm finally back in Berlin and have done some research so I can sum up our final session on open access publishing and Thomson Reuters' Impact Factor. Peter Binfield from PLoS One and I moderated this session together (s...[more]
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Posted on Wednesday 21 January 2009 - 16:22:08

The Scholarly Kitchen with more PLoS One flame bait
It's flame bait alright and I'm swallowing it hook, line and sinker, just as last time oneeye.png These guys over there just always manage to press all my buttons devilmad.png

So what's going on? The blog of the Association for Scholarly Publi...[more]
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Posted on Tuesday 22 June 2010 - 14:50:22

Journal Impact Factors are silly and everybody knows it

I wasn't planning to write anything on Stephen Curry's latest piece on the negotiated, irreproducible and mathematically unsound Impact Factor sold by Thomson Reuters to gullible university administrators. I agree with m...[more]
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Posted on Tuesday 14 August 2012 - 11:36:21

Is a replacement for impact factors in research evaluation on the way?
The discussion at our ScienceOnline09 session "Reputation, authority and incentives. Or: How to get rid of the Impact Factor" had already hinted that people were generally very interested in a service which could eventua...[more]
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Posted on Friday 23 January 2009 - 17:31:45

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