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Mechanisms of plasticity in simply taxis behaviors in Drosophila14 Oct 09: 11:24Rentinck, Beuster and Brembs4.28 MB3236Not rated
ADHD in a Drosophila memory mutant14 Oct 09: 11:22Björn Brembs and Bruno van Swinderen11.67 MB2702Not rated
Attention deficit and hyperactivity in a Drosophila memory mutant16 Jun 09: 16:41Bruno van Swinderen and Björn Brembs1.86 MB2679Not rated
AC and PKC differentiate operant and classical learning in Drosophila13 Nov 08: 16:43Björn Brembs1.79 MB3016Not rated
Double dissociation of PKC and adenylyl cyclase manipulations on operant and classical learning05 Sep 08: 18:47Björn Brembs1.71 MB3039Not rated
Mushroom-bodies regulate habit formation in Drosophila11 Jul 08: 18:47Björn Brembs5.84 MB1441Not rated
Neurogenetic dissection of learning-by-doing in Drosophila (poster)03 Mar 08: 17:12Björn Brembs1.93 MB3493Not rated
Mushroom-bodies regulate habit-formation in Drosophila19 Jul 07: 09:42Björn Brembs1.14 MB3448Not rated
Do fruitflies have free will? (ICN 2007)19 Jul 07: 09:30Björn Brembs, Alexander Maye, Chih-Hao Hsieh and George Sugihara1.24 MB3346Not rated
Aplysia as an attractive alternative for analyzing agency?15 Jun 07: 10:39Björn Brembs12.71 kB824Not rated
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