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Operant and classical components interact hierarchically in Drosophila predictive learning10 Oct 06: 16:46Björn Brembs1.81 MB4003Not rated
Do Fruit Flies Have Free Will?13 Jul 06: 09:52Björn Brembs, Chih-hao Hsieh, George Sugihara and Alexander Maye2.17 MB4538Not rated
Occasion setting in Drosophila at the flight simulator20 Dec 05: 23:41J. Wiener; B. Gerber; N. Hempel de Ibarra; R. Menzel; B. Brembs1.33 MB4349Not rated
Order in Spontaneous Behaviour20 Dec 05: 23:40Bj�rn Brembs, Alexander Maye and Uwe Greggers1.55 MB4000Not rated
Specific impairments of configural processing in prosopagnosics30 Aug 04: 09:32Carbon, et al.12.24 kB4073Not rated
Extending in vitro cond. in Aplysia to analyze operant and classical proc. in the same preparation04 Aug 04: 18:28Bjrn Brembs, Douglas A. Baxter, and John H. Byrne378.35 kB3944Not rated
Classification of learning in tethered flying Drosophila.06 Apr 04: 15:35Reinhard Wolf4 kB3915Not rated
Simulating physiological and morphological properties of neurons with SNNAP25 Sep 03: 00:22Douglas Baxter355.27 kB4075Not rated
Operant conditioning using self-stimulation in Aplysia.25 Sep 03: 00:21Bjrn Brembs335.11 kB4479Not rated
Operant conditioning of feeding behavior in Aplysia.25 Sep 03: 00:21Douglas Baxter105.8 kB3584Not rated
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