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Acting on my support of the open-access movement, I have today accepted an invitation to join the editorial board of PLoS ONE, the new publishing platform for all scientific primary literature. PLoS plans to maintain an editorial board of about 300 editors. This means that effective from today, I am an academic editor of PLoS ONE.
When I envision this platform in the future, I have a dream of in the hopefully not too distant future not having to consider the journal for which I plan to publish. I have a dream that one day every scientist can pull out his/her usual template and start writing an exciting report about the most recent scientific findings. I have a dream that tactical considerations will be a distant memory. I have a dream which is devoid of impact-factor comparisons. I have a dream in which I am spared tedious and time-consuming re-formatting, revising and re-submitting of manuscripts. I have a dream of just publishing science.
Posted on Monday 20 November 2006 - 16:27:47 comment: 0

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