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I just stumbled accross It's a site that has been up and running since 2000, but has received only little attention. It's sort of a wiki, with everybody being able to edit everything. But this site is for reserchrs and features a database with amazing cross-linking capabilities. The idea is that people enter their publications with references and all and use the linking features of the website to create the cross-references. However, what is a great idea is ultimately bound to fail: every single item has to be entered by hand. That's not a big deal for the publications themselves which usually aren't that numerous. But entering the reference list of all the publications by hand means multiplying the work and thereby making it impossible.
Nevertheless, the idea is really cool and perhaps one day Thompson Scientific will pick the idea up and merge their database in there (yeah right!).
Of course I had to enter my list of publications there, irrespectively...
Posted on Thursday 13 April 2006 - 17:31:15 comment: 0

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