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After much to little time spent writing, a first draft of the article for the Proceedings of the Royal Society is online. There was no way to get this article in the sort of shape I had initially planned, but given the deadline of September first, this will have to do. The main points are in there, that's what counts. I still could use some more references, for instance and I'm sure I'm much to brief and dense in many places.

Anyway, some of you have expressed interest in reading and commenting on this version. The document I linked to above should be editable by anyone, please let me know if you want to comment but are having trouble. Just use some sort of color in your comments or edits, so I can easily track them. I'm sure there are plenty of things which could be improved upon...

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and edits, of course, if they make it into the article, you will be mentioned in the acknowledgements (goes without saying).
Posted on Thursday 26 August 2010 - 07:42:12 comment: 0

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