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They're the poster-child of a moving target. First they try to get creationism proper into schools. Didn't work, so they called it "intelligent design". Didn't work either. Because the attempt at disguise failed so miserably, they now try to use "academic freedom" to get creationism into school: no matter how wrong an idea is, academic freedom requires diversity and as such every loony idea should have a right to be tought. On these grounds, creationists should also support the teaching of holocaust denial and intelligent falling.
Likewise, creationists go from one supposed gap in evolutionary theory (they still call it "Darwinism" as if the last 120 years had never happened) to the next, as they get plugged by evolutionary biologists. For instance, nobody is talking of a missing link in the human lineage anymore, since we have not one but a whole bush of different ancestral species in the hominid evolutionary history. Nobody speaks anymore of the eye being irreducibly complex after it was shown on several levels how an eye can easily evolve gradually from pigmented cells. Nobody talks anymore about a gap in the fossil record in the evolution of land animals since the discovery of Tiktaalik. Biologists plug one hole and creationists just pick the next one. Luckily for creationists, evolutionary biology is a fascinating field with a lot of open questions and mysteries to solve, so we'll probably have them gap-hopping around for at least another 120 years (if religions don't go extinct in the meantime, that is, but I'm not hedging any bets).
In their latest hop to a gap in evolutionary biology, they've finally found neuroscience. Undeniably, the brain is the most complex biological structure we know and we basically don't have the slightest idea how it works. I mean, we know a lot of how neurons work and have gotten pretty far in how some subsystems of the brain work. But we're not even close to the level of understanding required to build a robot that would be able to compete with a fly or a worm for survival in the real world. So of course it doesn't require the brain of an Einstein to see that there are gaping holes in our scientific knowledge just begging to be filled with some deity. This is just so moronic, someone should really tell creationists that the LHC was built because we don't know how gravity works. Maybe we could get some of them to believe in intelligent falling after all. I mean, given their track record, one starts to wonder why they haven't picked it up, yet!
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