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I've just converted the old chatbox to a new experiment: microblogging. You can see the result on the right. In order for this to work the way I want, I need to hook the feed up to my Friendfeed feed (many feeds in there, lol). I tried to do this and it sort of worked: the posts appeared but with "no title" displayed, instead of the post body as a message (duh, not that I couldn't have figured that ou before trying!). So I tried to delete the feed again. However, in FF, there is only one URL for both feeds, so I had a 50% chance of deleting the wrong one. Guess which feed got deleted? Of course the one of this blog and not the one from the other feed. So now all my old posts and their comments and likes are probably gone forever. Anybody know how to get them back?
I also need to find out how I can register my MicroBlog posts such that they appear with the posts as messages. Any ideas, tips, hints??
Posted on Monday 15 September 2008 - 17:30:55 comment: 0

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