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The images from the creation museum in Kentucky again reminded me of how completely out of whack young earth creationists must be. And you don't need any fancy dating techniques or anything like that to show that. Take, for example this picture (from Wikipedia):
Greenland Ice Core
This is the image of an ice core drilled in the Greenland Ice. It shows a meter of ice from between 1837-1838m deep. If you count, you can see about 38 stripes. Because this core was drilled from a place where the sun only comes above the horizon for one half of the year, the snow deposited differs between each half-year. The sunlight in the arctic summer changes the structure of the snow flakes and this is what you see as white bands. The dark bands are winter bands where the snow flakes are not changed by light. It doesn't take a math genius to figure out that if you see such neat stripes at a depth of 1800m, then it's pretty clear that you will be able to discern way more than the supposed 6000 stripes predicted by young earth creationists. In order to get the facts to match their faith, they need to postulate that somehow, when nobody was looking, some sneaky little bastard changed the way snow is deposited so that you see more than just annual stripes.
If you start comparing these layers with some other layering techniques such as counting tree rings, sediment layers on land and on the sea floor or coral cores, you can actually cross-reference them with each other very well. And guess what - if you now use the various dating methods, you get pretty good correspondence between all of them. If you compare all this data against known volcano eruptions, you again get a match. If you compare all these multitudes of data with the various astronomical cycles in our planet's orbit (eccentricity, obliquity and precession), you again can match the data sets up consistently. From some layering methods you even get to see that the year had fewer days a few million years ago, because earth was spinning faster back then.
On a related note, young earth creationists of course have a hard time explaining how we can exist with all of the observable universe being no more than 6000 lightyears away. Usually, they need to claim some sort of weird, unexplained phenomenon which runs counter to relativity. However, we need relativistic calculations to keep GPS working as accurately as it does. So young earth creationists should not use GPS systems, because they must be the devil's work! devilmad.png
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