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As my latst set of experiments were all wrapped up, I took Friday off and joined a few friends to go kitesurfing this past weekend. We went to Dranske on the island of Rügen in the Baltic Sea and I rented my equipment from the good folks at Dr. Kite. I have never done this before, so it was really exciting. The weather was good and we had just enough wind for beginners. I took a course Friday afternoon and in a matter of a few hours got taught how to control the kite and I managed to get onto the board and surf for a few meters. On the second day, the wind increased to a point where it was too strong for my few skills. I just body-dragged, but the kite lifted me out of the water several times when I accidentally pulled it into the "power-zone". Bad mistake but great fun! Sunday was definitely too much wind for my own safety so I had to stay out of the water that day.
All in all kitsurfing is a great sport and I'm thinking I should take another course to actually be able to stay on the board when the chance arises.
Below a few pics I found on the net:
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