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Until now, people still seem to believe in gravity, but I just learned that there are still people who believe that the earth is not moving! Instead, it's standing still and everything else revolves around it! Apparently, the chairman of the Texas House Appropriations Committee, Warren Chisum together with Georgia State House Rep. Ben Bridges (R) are two of these people.

So what's next? The world's a hoax? Gravity a conspiracy? DNA an illusion? Bacteria a microscopy artefact? You tell me! What blatantly obvious fact is going to be disputed next?

UPDATE: Actually, what makes an otherwise funny story a little unsettling is that one can't help but get the impression that a certain fraction - and not an irrelevant one - of the US public is becoming so delusional, that expecting 72 (and not 71 or 73) virgins to your service after you killed a number of innocent people in a suicide bombing comes to sound like a rational proposition.
Slacktivist notes in this respect that the writings become so outlandish that even other outlandish kooks (such as creationists) have difficulties distinguishing the websites of honest whackos from parodies of pranksters. Which of course makes this story funny again.
Therefore I have this little poll over on the right side now: spot the parody!
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