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After a very successful 3-week stay at UCSD in La Jolla, I'm now for a short stint in New York City, visiting the Klaudiusz Weiss lab here at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. I'm here by invitation of Betsy Cropper, a long time collaborator. Klaude Weiss's lab is a hardcore electrophysiology lab producing a constant stream of very high quality research. Be sure to check out the links to find out more about the fascinating stuff these guys are finding out! I'm delighted to visit this great group for the second time and have had a fantastic day here, yesterday. Today is my last day and in the afternoon I'll be flying back to Berlin.
The Mount Sinai School of Medicine is located in Manhattan (100@Madison), at the north-east corner of Central Park and the lab is on the 21st floor. The pics are from yesterday and today, aiming about north, northwest (you can see the corner of Central Park on the left).

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