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Recently, I've gotten a lot of bounces back from someone who spoofed my email address to send spam for ED drugs. As that happens every once in a while, I just deleted the mails and didn't pay too much attention. At roughly the same time I started getting a noticeable increase in hits on the comments section of my blog posts here. I was pleasantly surprised and did not relate one event to the other. Until this morning when I actually had a closer look at the returned spam in my trash folder. Lo and behold, the spam email contained blog entries from this very site! So it seems that a new generation of spambots is out using the email function of e107 (to ward off spam filters and avoid dealing with closed SMTP servers) to email blogposts containing spam to people.
There has been quite some coverage of "Spam Poetry" and even a contest of the most beautiful spam poems. And of course spam-bots flooding comments and chatboxes on blogs everywhere is also old news ("commentspam"). But I haven't found much on spammers emailing blogposts from the blog to get past spamfilters.
Anyway, I'm not the one trying to sell you ED drugs, if you wondered, even if I could use the money
Have a look at the bounce in the extended news body to see what I'm talking about!

UPDATE: I went to the website to look if somebody else has the same problem. Apparently, people are aware of the issue and have already provided a fix. I'll install it right away and will see if this solves the problem.

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Posted on Tuesday 30 May 2006 - 20:00:57 comment: 0

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