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ScienceOnline09After having early bird dinner yesterday, a Counter Culture coffee cupping this morning, a tour of the Duke Lemur Center this afternoon, we're now at the Sigma Xi research center for the FridayFermentable wine tasting hosted by Abel Pharmboy. The wines are from Wine Authority and the two white wines were Chardonnays, one from Burgundy in France and one from California.
I really liked the French one better, since it was dry and crisp, whereas the Californian was much more sweet and fruity which is something I do not find very attractive in white wines.
The red pair were both Pinot Noirs, one from California and one from Oregon (of all places). Both wines were very good and it was noticeable that the Oregonian didn't get as much sun as the Californian Pinot.
So in total, out of the four, I think the French Burgundy was my favorite alone, but with cheese, for instance, it would have been the Californian Pinot, or with duck or veal I'd prefer the Oregonian. Awesome idea. Follow the FriendFeed thread, or the Nature Network liveblog.
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