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They're after your head - if you're a scientist that is. And since you're reading this blog, you probably are. Let's play a game. I'll quote from a document and you guess from which organisation the person came who wrote it. Ready?
People are very very angry, and while the skeptics whose darkest doubts have been vindicated don't pull the levers of organized science (the frauds do that), there are some financial and political resources available to the skeptics who have been demanding integrity in science, and they understand now that this is war.

Now that's some pretty strong language there. Any clues, yet?
As those who are reasonably acquainted with peer review and the "inside" perspective of a particular discipline of science will (privately) attest, even scientists who abjure from outright fraud often produce work that is at best insipid, and is more often than not aimed at securing funding irrespective of genuine scientific merit. A lot of published science, when not actually fraudulent, is more a peer-reviewed grant application than cutting edge research.

So science is a little conjecture and some elegant guesswork, eh? It gets better, they want your job:
Science surely provides much benefit to mankind, but we may need to pursue scientific truth with a different set of scientists than the ones we have now.

Now how about that? Let's just replace all scientists in the world with mindless ignoramuses. That'll get things right for sure! How about high-school drop-outs?
Surely many many scientists knew of the frauds so clearly documented in the ClimateGate scandal; where were the august scientific organizations--the Royal Academy, the UN's IPCC, the National Academy of Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of Science--while this fraud was growing and gaining power. The obvious truth is that these citadels of organized science were part of the fraud, or at least acquiescent in it. Several of the admitted ClimateGate fraudsters were in senior positions in these organizations.

Ah, now you probably think this hack-job is sponsored by the oil industry! Well, pretty close but not quite there.
massive defunding of organized science

So not only do they want your job, they also would like to dismantle the current scientific endeavour alltogether! But now comes the best thing:
It may well be that the public will be forced to protect itself from organized science, as we now protect ourselves from organized crime.

Yes! Don't just fire all the scientists on this planet and dismantle all of science! Put scientists in jail! Put the people that discovered penicillin to jail. Put the people who engineered your prosthesis to jail. Put the people whose discoveries allow you to live twice as long as previously to jail. Put the people whose discoveries let you drive to work, fly on a nice beach vacation, dress yourself every morning, boil your water for cooking, fry your toast, read these lines and sleep in a cozy, warm and back-friendly bed each night, only to be awoken just in time for the next work-day, put all these people to jail! Then, finally, we'll have heaven on earth! If we don't die in chilbed, we'll at the latest be old and ready to die in our 40s, suffering from arthritis, believing in the thundergod, dancing rain-dances and be afraid of winter, the common cold and wolves. That's where these people want to take us. Who are these people?

The Discovery Institute.

When I read this I sometimes feel like I'm almost looking forward to such a war. It's a war where the other side doesn't use any of our science at all, only prayers, spells and other "true" science.
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