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The brand new car for the brand new family
plenty of room in the 5008
on Friday 06 May 2011
by bjoern author list
in car articles > Peugeot 5008 Business Line Edition (2010-present)

This is what the car looked like right out of the factory

We got the 2010 Business Line model straight from the factory. It features a 1.8L 110hp common rail four cylinder diesel engine and an electronic manual gearbox which allows for manual or automatic shifting. The manual shifting takes place either with the shift stiock or the paddles on the side of the steering wheel, but requires no clutch pedal in either way. You can see one of the paddles stick out on the left side of the steering wheel in this picture:

The rest of the car looks and works great as well. So far about one year and 15,000 km into the ownership, I am very pleased with our purchase. Let's see how the cars holds up.

What you can't see on these pictures is that it has an all-glass roof, which can be covered from the inside to reduce the amount of heat in the summer.

Our daughter Freya, the reason for the purchase, was born on May 29 of that same year 2010:

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