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My lab:
- Conservation with Mike Sander's
Applied the famous rust prevention grease
on Monday 07 June 2004
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in car articles > Mazda Miata M-Edition (2002-present)

A carefully executed preservation of the complete frame and body and all cavities are essential for car longevity. A special anti-corrosion grease from Mike Sander is the market leader in corrosion prevention. It was winner of several test-runs and achieves a thorough long-term safeguard against corrosion as it does not harden as other waxes usually applied. It has a fantastic ability to creep, especially in the summer time.
I drove 500km to Essen to take advantage of a special bargain by the Cznotka technicians.

It's a big messy job! Hidden cavities are made accessible by small holes. The grease is applied at approx. +90C. A thoroughly dry car is compulsary before starting work. The grease is hot and you apply it with high pressure. It flows everywhere and no matter how hard you try, you end up being all covered in greae, hair and all. I'm glad I didn't have to do that myself! The pictures are from the organizer of the event, Dirk Glashauser. Many thanks for all your work, Dirk!

You can see the fumes clearly on this picture:

The openings used to reach the cavities were the rain-drain of the rain-rail in front of the rear wheels:

Or the drains along the frame:

Or the sill holes:

You can see the grease here:

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