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As if we needed yet more evidence that the way we communicate science is FUBAR! Read this and weep:
How to Publish a Scientific Comment in 123 Easy Steps

I was alerted to this article by Bora Zivkovic, who got it from Shirley Wu, who got it from tim, who posted Janet Stemwedel's blog post, who got it from Steinn Sigurðsson, who got it via email anonymously from a circle of friends.

Some editors still act as if the world's first scientific journal was founded last year and is now the trendy fad everybody just has to be part of, when in actuality our journal system is a 430 year-old decrepit, TBC-ridden, frail Alzheimer patient with an attitude. Wait, maybe scientists are the ones reinforcing this delusion?

UPDATE: See also a somewhat related letter to Nature.
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