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Muslim creationist and author of "Atlas of Creation" Harun Yahya (yes, the guy who uses fishing lures to argue his creationism) has been interviewed by the eminent German weekly DER SPIEGEL. The title is the same as the one in this post: "All terrorists are Darwinists". In the interview, Yahya claims that there are 100 million fossils that show that they have been created (in the really short interview he never goes into how all these species had room at the same time or why the are so clearly ordered geological in strata). He gos on to say that Satan has misled legions of scientists and interested laymen for 150 years and that his book will finally open their eyes and convince everyone that Allah has created everything. Asked about whether he was inspired by christian fundamentalists in the US, he derides intelligent design as dishonest: "the people should just come out and say that god did it!". Asked about Dawkin's "God delusion" now appearing in Turkey and apparently quickly becoming a best-seller, he emphasizes that he thinks all evil (Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and today's islamic terrorists) stems from Darwinism. Asked by the interviewer if he honestly thinks islamic terrorists are closet Darwinists, he says that nobody who prays every day could ever carry out a terroristic act and that all terrorists are only foreign-educated Darwinists who just afterwards use the cloke of Islam (he never says why they would be doing that). Asked how he funds his campaign, he says that he doesn't earn any money from the sales of his book and since it's such a great success, he can afford all the free copies he sends around.

This guy clearly needs new advisors. Interviews like these can only backfire. It's so clear that this dude is a total nutcase, the interviewer didn't even have to go after him, lol

UPDATE: there's now also an English version from the SPIEGEL.
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