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This weekend a very interesting exhibition opens at the Georg Kolbe Museum in Berlin. It's curated by Marc Wellmann and entitled "BIOS: concepts of life in contemporary sculpture". I met Marc a few years ago by chance. He curated an exhibition in New York and I was on the way to a conference somewhere else in the US and we were seated next to each other on the plane from Berlin to New York. On our way back, a few days later, we had, again by chance, seats in the same row but on adjacent sides of the aisle. We got to talk about his job as a curator for modern sculpture and I was immediately interested. We stayed in contact over the years with him being interested in curating an exhibition with a biological theme and me visiting the Georg Kolbe Museum whenever he would give a tour of the exhibitions he curated.

This weekend opens the exhibitions with the biological theme he had been thinking about for all these years and I had been more than honored when he asked me if I could write a short article for the catalog of the exhibition. I told him I had never written for such an audience before and that I was quite self-conscious about how good a job I would be able to do, but he nevertheless thought I should try it. Well, I wrote the article and it'll be in the catalog. The short piece is available in both German and English and I hope it'll whet your appetite for the exhibition (the layout of the text is similar to the one in the catalog, but my own). If you'd like to get a visual impression of some of the pieces I mention in the article, please find them below:

Brandon Ballangée

Brad Downey

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