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Ok, not all of you will enjoy it, as some of the triple whammy last week was in German, but at least it's a good thing that the general media are slowly picking up on the efforts of scientists to make their work accessible to all and everyone.

It started with a regional radio station that picked up on our little Open Science project that involved tracking the movements and postures of flies and their larvae. In a short 5min interview on Wednesday, they asked a few questions about this project:


On the following Friday, Voice of Russia aired a 30min panel discussion on Open Access starring Ross Mounce (OKFN panton fellow), Rita Gardner (director of the Royal Geological Society), Timothy Gowers (field's medalist) and myself:

On the Saturday then, finally, the double page article in the German newspaper "Tageszeitung" on open access and how we try to accomplish it. You can read the full text for free in their archive and here is a picture to show you the layout:


One consequence of the article in the newspaper was that someone has created a page about me on the German Wikipedia! I guess in this day and age this means I now truly exist...  tooth.png
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