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After an 11 hour odyssey at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, France, I'm finally back in Berlin. Unfortunately, I missed the first day of the symposium organized by our research unit on biogenic amines in insects due to the breakdown of flight control in Munich which caused my delay in Paris.

There is quite some discussion going on about my talk at the Montreal Summer Institute on Consciousness on the conference blog, maintained by organizer Stevan Harnad. The video of my presentation there is also online now, so go and have a look if you want to see what I talked about there. I still need to download it and put it on my YouTube channel.

Now I'm at the next conference, the symposium on biogenic amines in insects I mentioned above. This is really a great meeting with people all over the world talking about all kinds of insects and what biogenic amines do in the animals. Have a look at the program to get a glimpse at all the diverse topics we learn about here.
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