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I've just arrived at this year's meeting on semantic web in libraries. I just heard the last few minutes of David Shotton's talk on The Open Citation Corpus and the SPAR Ontologies. Just on now is Carsten Keßler on Das LODUM Projekt: Transparente Forschung auf Basis von Linked Library Data. What little I have seen so far is very much related to what I'm going to talk about: having libraries archive and make accessible (and understandable) the products of academic research.

The meeting is being livestreamed, so if you want to follow the presentations, just hit 'play' below:

Watch live streaming video from swib at

I'll mostly be presenting the main points from my presentation "What's wrong wth schoalrly publishing today":

According to the program, my talk is the first one after the upcoming lunch break (1.45pm), followed by a coffee break and then by a panel discussion concluding the event.
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