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My lab:
- sponsored 1997 Ford Escort
Reinigung Zimmermann sponsored this car for the BSV Luckau
on Tuesday 19 August 2008
by bjoern author list
in car articles > Ford Escort station wagon (2006/2007)

As a compensation for commuting to and from practice/games with the BSV Luckau handball team, I got the 1997 Ford Escort Diesel station wagon.

It's not a pretty car and with 60hp it's not fast (despite having a turbo). But it has lots of room and gets me where I need to get. Besides, I got it for free, Diesel, tax and insurance paid, so I won't look under the gift-car's hood It has already almost 200,000 km (just under 140k miles), but for a Diesel engine, that's next to nothing. As you can see, it has all kinds of commercials from the sponsor on it as well as decals featuring the club name, a handball player and several handballs. Cool stuff! Looks like a pro-car for an amateur like me It'll let me store my Miata in the garage over the winter, which makes it even cooler!
I gave the car back after one year since since I decided the money and car wasn't worth the commute anymore.
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