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My lab:
- Rear foglight
a red light in the rear-end
on Wednesday 13 April 2011
by bjoern author list
in car articles > Mazda Miata M-Edition (2002-present)

German inspection requires all 1991 or later cars to have a bright red light in the back of the car to be used in foggy conditions. I placed a Peugeot 206 light in the bumper.

In order to pass German inspoection, I had to install a rear fog light. Some people on, the german miata enthusiast website, suggested to use the Peugeot 206 light in the center of the rear bumper. I liked how that looked, so I went ahead and did it.

First, the bumper had to come off. You can see the places where it bolts to the chassis marked in the pictures.

This is the bumper in my apartment, before any modifications to it:

I started by making a cneter hole form the inside, where everything is so symmetrical, that finding the center is easy.

You can see the hole from the outside here:

I then taped the area with masking tape and drew the outline of the light on it. Using a Dremel tool, I cut around the outline, leaving about a milimiter to allow for fine-trimming of the shape for a perfect fit.

After quite soem trimming, the hole was finally ready to receive the light. Let me warn you: this is quite some mess with all those little white plastic shavings flying all over the place!

I think it looks quite nice like that. I used plenty of heat-glue to properly and securley seat the light in the bumper, to make sure it would vibrate out.

You can see some of the heat-glue on this picture. You can also see, that I only had to cut a fairly small hole on the inside of the bumper, just enough to fit the light through.

This fog light worked really well and looked good. In the meantime, however, I found the foglight of the new BMW Mini to be much better looking, so I installed that. I first had to make a larger hole:

Then I mounted the light on the inner part of the bumper with heat-glue:

I glued the chrome bezel to the outer shell of the bumper:

And then assembled both pieces. Here is the final look:

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