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- Sold and then almost burned up
firey alternators
on Sunday 14 December 2003
by bjoern author list
in car articles > Ford F150 302 V8 Pickup truck (2000-2003)

After I sold the truck to my trusty mechanic Carlos, he let me drive it for the remainng 24h I was in town. Of course, 20 minutes later, the engine compartment was on fire...

I had just given my trusty mechanic Carlos from Cruz Automotive the title to the truck and he had given me half the money 20 minutes ago, when I was cruising along Kirby, wondering why some idiots don't notice they're handbrake is on. A little later I noticed in the rearwiev mirror, a huge white cloud behind me. I pulled over to the nearest parking lot (in a dealership), stopped and opened the hood. The smoke came out of my alternator!!!! Seconds later flames shot out of the alternator. I ran into the dealership asking for a fire-extinguisher. They showed me one on the wall and I must have knocked over two three people darting for it and running with it to the car. After three long bursts of powder from the extinguisher, the fire was out.
An inspection revealed only the alternator and one of the two plastic connectors were damaged. After calling a colleague from work for help, I tried to start the engione (not before removing all plugs from the alternator) and it fired up just fine. I drove the truck to Carlos where he gave me the rest of the money (minus $100). The picture below is the latest and last of my truck and probably also the prettiest with the fondest memories:

It'll be missed. I could not take it to Europe with me.
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