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- Shipping the Miata
No tornado can stop us!
on Tuesday 18 November 2003
by bjoern author list
in car articles > Mazda Miata M-Edition (2002-present)

Despite a severe cold and several tornados throughout the area, we manage to load all my stuff and the Miata onto the container in which all will be shipped to Germany.

Yesterday was the big day. Loading all the packed stuff, furniture and car into a container to be shipped off over the Atlantic to Hamburg, Germany.
Of course I had to have the worst cold ever on that day. Of copurse there had to be a flood and several tornados that day:

check out these other pics:

crazy weather

and all that on moving day of course


That guy on his truck... least got rescued by a helicopter

Heavy rainfalls of up to 3 inches per hour

the worst flood since "Allison" in 2001

about 13 tornados touched down in the greater Houston area

but we made it:

first, the battery needed to be disconnected...

Done! Those tie-down hooks from the import to the US came in very handy!

And the car is under cover

a look from the inside out.

And finally, all my stuff that's been loaded in front of the Miata. Let's hope it all arrives safely in Hamburg!
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