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Mazda Miata M-Edition (2002-present) (20 items)
I bought this car in Wimberley, Texas in June, 2002. It is a 1996 Mazda Miata, M-Edition with the 1.8L, 4 cylinder, double overhead cam, 133hp engine.
Friday 12 September 2003 / bjoern author list
Installing a low license plate in the front
Cleaning the nose with low plates
on 06 May 2011 by bjoern author list
Dropping the license plate to below the air intake cleans the overall look of the nose and protects [...]
When I drove the Miata in Texas, I never mounted the front license plate, as you can see on the first pictures:Of course, this is not allowed in Germany. I nevertheless wanted to keep the nice, round nose of the car free from that ugly plate, so I started out by bending some stainless steel pieces into shape:They stick up [read more]
- NB comboswitch installation
to install a 99+ comboswitch in the 90-97 dash
on 13 Apr 2011 by bjoern author list
The cruise control man switch takes up a full slot in the dash. This article describes in detail how[...]
If you have cruise control and a defogger, you run out of options if you want to install an additional switch (e.g. fog-lights) in the dash without losing the stock look: The second generation Miatae (NB, 1999 and up) have a cruise control and fog-light combination switch: That switch seems to be shaped to fit exactly in the same location as the [read more]
- Rear foglight
a red light in the rear-end
on 13 Apr 2011 by bjoern author list
German inspection requires all 1991 or later cars to have a bright red light in the back of the car [...]
In order to pass German inspoection, I had to install a rear fog light. Some people on, the german miata enthusiast website, suggested to use the Peugeot 206 light in the center of the rear bumper. I liked how that looked, so I went ahead and did it. First, the bumper had to come off. You can see the places [read more]
- Triple VDO gauges
three VDO gauges under the radio
on 13 Apr 2011 by bjoern author list
After the stock double-DIN headunit was replaced with the single-DIN Empeg, there was room under the[...]
Since the OEM Pioneer MSSS stereo died two weeks after I bought the car, I decided to install the Empeg MP3 player. In contrast to the double DIN MSSS unit, it is a single DIN unit. So I have room for a triple gauge assembly from VDO:The project in its beginning stages.This is the finished gauge pod. I think it [read more]
- Audio Installation
Installing the Empeg, amps and Hakuna-style subs in the Miata
on 13 Apr 2011 by bjoern author list
A complete make-over of the Miata audio system. I added Kappa two-way speakers to the doors, subwoof[...]
This is the center dash before I started opening it up: This is what it looks like all open: I took the occasion to install triple VDO gauges in the space under the empeg. After it is all wired up, it's almost ready to receive the gauges and the empeg: Notice the new Kappa in the passenger door. For the subwoofers, I took [read more]
- Interior modifications
bling bling for the interior
on 13 Apr 2011 by bjoern author list
Making a classy car even classier. Vent rings, wood trim, gauges, chrome, influx center console and [...]
This is an ongoing project to enhance the very "understated" interior of the Miata. Vents before: Vents after: I also installed parts of a wood dash kit for doors  and dash,  making a classy car even classier:  The empeg MP3 player with subs in the parcel deck and the triple VDO gauges are [read more]
- Gauge Cluster Modifications
Adding a wood-grain touch to the gauge cluster
on 13 Apr 2011 by bjoern author list
For me, the roadster-look is all about wood and chrome in a car. So I found a cheap way of adding so[...]
This is how it all looked before I started: I took the cluster out and disassembled it: This, by the way, is the German cluster I used to get the speedo from and the 'real' oil pressure gauge. I took the gauge faces off to see how new faces would be installed: I took this opportunity to install a speedo that [read more]
- Conservation with Mike Sander's
Applied the famous rust prevention grease
on 07 Jun 2004 by bjoern author list
A carefully executed preservation of the complete frame and body and all cavities are essential for [...]
It's a big messy job! Hidden cavities are made accessible by small holes. The grease is applied at approx. +90C. A thoroughly dry car is compulsary before starting work. The grease is hot and you apply it with high pressure. It flows everywhere and no matter how hard you try, you end up being all covered in greae, hair [read more]
- Shipping the Miata
No tornado can stop us!
on 18 Nov 2003 by bjoern author list
Despite a severe cold and several tornados throughout the area, we manage to load all my stuff and t[...]
Yesterday was the big day. Loading all the packed stuff, furniture and car into a container to be shipped off over the Atlantic to Hamburg, Germany. Of course I had to have the worst cold ever on that day. Of copurse there had to be a flood and several tornados that day: check out these other pics: crazy weather and all that on moving [read more]
- Monsterflow cold air intake
A cold air intake makes your car breath more easily.
on 27 Oct 2003 by bjoern author list
This article shows the pictures of the engine bay before and after the installation of a Good-Win-Ra[...]
This is what the engine bay looked like before the installation of the cold air intake: In order to install the cold air intake from Good-Win Racing, you have to relocate the cruise control servo. Evarything else is plug-and-play: take off the old crossover tube, filterbox and snorkel and then install the kit: From the side: The Monsterflow foam filter and the [read more]
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