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Mazda Miata M-Edition (2002-present) (20 items)
I bought this car in Wimberley, Texas in June, 2002. It is a 1996 Mazda Miata, M-Edition with the 1.8L, 4 cylinder, double overhead cam, 133hp engine.
Friday 12 September 2003 / bjoern author list
- Handling modifications
improving the already outstanding handling of the Miata
on 18 Sep 2003 by bjoern author list
The tiny Miata is already a very nimble and zippy car. To get the last little tweaks out of the car,[...]
The shock tower brace noticably reduced cowl shake and tightened up the overall feel of the car. I expect the swaybars to significantly reduce body roll during cornering. This is what they looked like when they came in: I painted them black, so the German inspectors wouldn't recognize them right away: Installation was easy. Here are the rear ones compared [read more]
- NB soft top on NA
replacing the old soft top with a second generation top
on 17 Sep 2003 by bjoern author list
A glass window with defroster and no zipper is what the softtop off of an NB Miata offers!
The installation of a 2001 NB top on the NA is a straightforward plug-n-play install. All you need except the top is a defroster relay for the plug in the trunk (next to licence plate)... and the dash-switch for the defroster: Since the NA and NB defroster plugs are not compatible, I had to cut the NA plug off. Luckily, the [read more]
- Hella H4 Euro headlights
installing new H4 headlights
on 17 Sep 2003 by bjoern author list
The stock sealed beam headlights are very poor and unsafe. Install H4s for your and other's saf[...]
In order to meet European regulations and if you dislike the diffuse light output of the DOT oem sealed beam headlights, Hella H4's are a cheap alternative. The picture below shows the new light and the box with all the part numbers. Installation is easy, plug and play and only requires a screw driver. First, remove the 4 bolts around the [read more]
- clear sidmarkers/blinkers and parking lights
change sidemarkers into clear indicators and white parking light
on 16 Sep 2003 by bjoern author list
Sidemarkers are not really allowed in Germany. But the indicators need to be visible form the side. [...]
The Miata comes with amber sidemarkers on the front and red sidemarkewrs on the rear. Both do not blink with the indicator. The front indicator is only the amber parking light getting dimmer and brighter (with parking lights on). In the front, I simply changed them to clear ones and added a wire so they'd be blinkers and [read more]
- brakelines, tires and shocks
enhancing the handling
on 15 Sep 2003 by bjoern author list
The previous owner's old tires had to go and the 60k miles oem shocks needed replacing as well.[...]
These are the stainless steel brakelines with the old shocks: And here with the adjustable AGX KYBs: These are the new Toyo S1 Proxes, a notable improvement over the old worn ones from the previous owner: [read more]
- Spare tire relocation
getting the spare out of the trunk
on 15 Sep 2003 by bjoern author list
In order to make more room in the tiny Miata trunk, one can relocate the spare tire under the car, b[...]
I got a 1st generation Isuzu muffler (#h3d 6773m) from Midas and had it mounted at an angle that would allow me to mount the spare under the car: This is the new muffler before I installed the spare next to it. As you can see, the spare is tucked in there very snuggly and completely invisible, if you're not [read more]
- Trunk release mod
temporarily disbale remote trunk release
on 15 Sep 2003 by bjoern author list
To prevent thieves from slashing your top and easily gaining access to the trunk via the remote trun[...]
The Miata trunk can be opened remotely with a lever inside the center console. To temporarily disable this remote trunk opener, a simple modification has to be made to the tumbler of the trunk lock. So I took it apart: I used my trusty Dremel to file off a little notch on the tumbler and now I can disable the [read more]
- Specifications and features
all data on the 1996 Miata M-Edition
on 12 Sep 2003 by bjoern author list
All the technical details of the 1996 Mazda Miata M-Edition.
Miata specifications: * 1.8 liters DOHC 16-valves engine * 133 hp @ 6500 RPM * 114 lb-ft @ 5500 RPM * Redline @ 7000RPM * 5-speed manual overdrive transmission * Torsen limited-slip differential * 4-wheel disc brakes with anti-lock brake system * Driver's- and passenger's-side air bags M-Edition features include: * Starlight Mica that is metallic blue color [read more]
- 60k miles (100.000km) maintenance
the timing belt is due
on 12 Sep 2003 by bjoern author list
Pretty soon after I bought the Miata, on 02-09-14, I had to do the basic maintenance at 60k miles: t[...]
This is what the engine bay looked like when I started: On the first weekend I opened everything up: I took the cam sprockets off to get to the cam-shaft seals and removed the water-pump for replacement. The crank-shaft seal was also replaced. On the second weekend I put everything back together: new cam- and crank-shaft seals, new waterpump, cam sprockets, new idler [read more]
- The first pictures
this is how my Miata looked when I bought it
on 12 Sep 2003 by bjoern author list
I bought the car totally stock with just over 60k miles on it in Wimberley near Austin, Texas, USA. [...]
This is the picture from the ad that alerted me to the vehicle: And this is what it looked like once I had it in Houston, Texas: With the top up. With the top down from the front. With the top down from the rear. And finally, the interior. As soon as I got it, I changed the sparkplugs and [read more]
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