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- Sold and then almost burned up
firey alternators
on 14 Dec 2003 by bjoern author list
After I sold the truck to my trusty mechanic Carlos, he let me drive it for the remainng 24h I was i[...]
I had just given my trusty mechanic Carlos from Cruz Automotive the title to the truck and he had given me half the money 20 minutes ago, when I was cruising along Kirby, wondering why some idiots don't notice they're handbrake is on. A little later I noticed in the rearwiev mirror, a huge white cloud behind me. I pulled [read more]
- Shipping the Miata
No tornado can stop us!
on 18 Nov 2003 by bjoern author list
Despite a severe cold and several tornados throughout the area, we manage to load all my stuff and t[...]
Yesterday was the big day. Loading all the packed stuff, furniture and car into a container to be shipped off over the Atlantic to Hamburg, Germany. Of course I had to have the worst cold ever on that day. Of copurse there had to be a flood and several tornados that day: check out these other pics: crazy weather and all that on moving [read more]
- Monsterflow cold air intake
A cold air intake makes your car breath more easily.
on 27 Oct 2003 by bjoern author list
This article shows the pictures of the engine bay before and after the installation of a Good-Win-Ra[...]
This is what the engine bay looked like before the installation of the cold air intake: In order to install the cold air intake from Good-Win Racing, you have to relocate the cruise control servo. Evarything else is plug-and-play: take off the old crossover tube, filterbox and snorkel and then install the kit: From the side: The Monsterflow foam filter and the [read more]
- Handling modifications
improving the already outstanding handling of the Miata
on 18 Sep 2003 by bjoern author list
The tiny Miata is already a very nimble and zippy car. To get the last little tweaks out of the car,[...]
The shock tower brace noticably reduced cowl shake and tightened up the overall feel of the car. I expect the swaybars to significantly reduce body roll during cornering. This is what they looked like when they came in: I painted them black, so the German inspectors wouldn't recognize them right away: Installation was easy. Here are the rear ones compared [read more]
- Elelctric fan installation
how to get rid of the clutch and belt fan.
on 17 Sep 2003 by bjoern author list
On most older cars the fan is driven by a serpentine belt with a viskosity clutch. Whenever the engi[...]
Parts: Electric fan from a 1995 Camaro 6 Cyl. (40$, wrecking yard). Hayden fan control unit with A/C wire and adjustable thermostat switch (36$, Autozone). Process: Removal of the old fan/clutch assembly was easy: simply unbolt the four bolts that attach the water-pump-pulley to the water pump, and the whole fan/clutch assembly comes off. Just don't forget to put the bolts back [read more]
- NB soft top on NA
replacing the old soft top with a second generation top
on 17 Sep 2003 by bjoern author list
A glass window with defroster and no zipper is what the softtop off of an NB Miata offers!
The installation of a 2001 NB top on the NA is a straightforward plug-n-play install. All you need except the top is a defroster relay for the plug in the trunk (next to licence plate)... and the dash-switch for the defroster: Since the NA and NB defroster plugs are not compatible, I had to cut the NA plug off. Luckily, the [read more]
- Hella H4 Euro headlights
installing new H4 headlights
on 17 Sep 2003 by bjoern author list
The stock sealed beam headlights are very poor and unsafe. Install H4s for your and other's saf[...]
In order to meet European regulations and if you dislike the diffuse light output of the DOT oem sealed beam headlights, Hella H4's are a cheap alternative. The picture below shows the new light and the box with all the part numbers. Installation is easy, plug and play and only requires a screw driver. First, remove the 4 bolts around the [read more]
- Mass-Air conversion
convert old SD EFI to modern MAF SEFI
on 17 Sep 2003 by bjoern author list
The old bank-firing speed density electronic fuel injection is outdated. Here's an article how [...]
Parts: 8 New Bosch Design III fuel injectors, flow matched to less than 1% tolerance $150 The intake from a 1996 F150 including: 1 Upper intake manifold 1 Lower intake manifold 1 Engine wiring harness 1 Fuel rail with fuel pressure regulator 1 Idle air control valve 3 vacuum solenoids and tubing $120 1 Engine wiring harness from a 1989 F150 $40 1 Throttle body from [read more]
- clear sidmarkers/blinkers and parking lights
change sidemarkers into clear indicators and white parking light
on 16 Sep 2003 by bjoern author list
Sidemarkers are not really allowed in Germany. But the indicators need to be visible form the side. [...]
The Miata comes with amber sidemarkers on the front and red sidemarkewrs on the rear. Both do not blink with the indicator. The front indicator is only the amber parking light getting dimmer and brighter (with parking lights on). In the front, I simply changed them to clear ones and added a wire so they'd be blinkers and [read more]
- brakelines, tires and shocks
enhancing the handling
on 15 Sep 2003 by bjoern author list
The previous owner's old tires had to go and the 60k miles oem shocks needed replacing as well.[...]
These are the stainless steel brakelines with the old shocks: And here with the adjustable AGX KYBs: These are the new Toyo S1 Proxes, a notable improvement over the old worn ones from the previous owner: [read more]
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