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Which of these fringes will become the next Einstein and prove the mainstream wrong?

The holocaust never happened

Votes: 0 | 0%

Gravity is intelligent

Votes: 3 | 20%

The earth is neither moving nor rotating

Votes: 1 | 6.67%

Evolution never happened

Votes: 0 | 0%

BushCo and Mossad organized 9/11

Votes: 1 | 6.67%

There is no global warming

Votes: 2 | 13.33%

The flying spaghetti monster created everything

Votes: 6 | 40%

The earth is flat

Votes: 2 | 13.33%

dangerous radiation via the internet

Votes: 0 | 0%

I was abducted by aliens

Votes: 0 | 0%

JFK was killed by the CIA

Votes: 0 | 0%

Posted by bjoern
Votes: 15 Comments: 0
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