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Back in April, just as I set out on my crazy teaching assignment in Leipzig, I received a manuscript on academic publishing which was accepted for publication, entitled "The Poverty of Journal Publishing". Back then, I didn't have the time to read it, but I have now. I think, you should read it too. It's a thorough dissection of the current crisis in academic publishing with four possible solutions, according to the authors:
  1. the further development of open access repositories
  2. a fair trade model of publishing regulation
  3. a renaissance of the university presses
  4. move away from private, for-profit publishing companies toward autonomous journal publishing by editorial boards and academic associations
The authors choose the fourth option as their favorite, but it is worth pointing out, IMHO, that if editorial boards ask their libraries/computing centers to assist them with their journals, solution 3 and 4 converge on the same thing: we publish our papers ourselves, nstead of depending on outside companies. The article appeared in "organization" a Sage publication and the authors also shared it on
Now more and more people are realizing that the status quo is a dead end and people are more and more coming up with the rational solution: we need to rid ourselves of parasitic publishing corporations. Academic publishing is bound to go the way of the music industry, it's just a matter of us pushing strong enough
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