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I spent the last two days in Zug, Switzerland at the Annual Foresight Fellows Camp, organized by Ulf Pillkahn and Silke Sasano. What? You have never heard of such a meeting? Well, until I received the invitation, neither did I. It is an internal workshop of the international conglomerate Siemens. The people working as 'Foresight Fellows' for the company, apparently use something called 'trend monitoring' to scout for future business occasions. These people meet every year to exchange ideas and stay current.
It was quite interesting to learn what was going on inside such a huge company and how much attention was being paid to potential threats to the company's business model (and to potential business opportunities, of course). I probably shouldn't talk too much of what was going on at this workshop, other than that my presentation was about the freedom in biological decision making. My talk was one of two external presentations. It was intended to show the participants examples of how animals handle uncertainty in the future and ym talk touched on several of the corporate strategies discussed at the workshop.
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