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I admit, this is old news and has been covered over and over again (MSNBC, Discovery, New Scientist, Science, etc.). But the genetic data have some potentially awesome implications that I just can't pass up Plus, I promised my friends over at the Neurosciences Institute I'd do another creationists blog for them
Harvard scientists reported in their paper in the journal Nature, that the genetic difference between humans and chimpanzees varies depending on what chromosome you look at. This difference suggests a gradual split from the common human and chimp ancestor over more than a million years. The most exciting and straightforward way of explaining this data is that interbreeding occurred during this time. In other words, during about a million years the two lineages (which could already be separated clearly as evidenced by the fossils from that time) were kissing cousins!
I'm sure you can all imagine what horrors this interpretation must bring to creationists (or "intelligent designers" as they now call themselves), who already revile the fact that we share ancestry with monkeys! I can only begin to try to picture the face of a creationist hearing about this story and imagining the love-making scene between an early human and a chimp, ROFLMAO!
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