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Five years already! It seems like yesterday that we published our first paper in joVE:

Our second paper with JoVE came out just this year and in contrast to the first one, when JoVE sent a professional camera team to our lab, we shot the entire video ourselves. Only the voiceover was done by JoVE.

They've come a long way since then. Just after they started, they invited me to be one of their associate editors and I gladly accepted. However, I think the nice people at JoVE (Klaus Korak, Moshe Pritsker and Aaron Kolski-Andreacu) quickly realized that they needed full time employees rather than sparetime warriors, to keep up with their growth and they probably were rather disappointed with what little I could do for them. Nevertheless, they kept me on their 'team' page until just two weeks ago. After about 3 years, JoVE realized that an author pays model would not work with videos, production costs are just too high - so JoVE went from open access to closed access. This hasn't hampered JoVE's growth and it is now a brand name in methods publishing and only the most uninformed in the biosciences have never heard of JoVE. The reason for the success is clear: no amount of writing could ever convey a method as a video demonstrating it. If you want to implement the method yourself or only want to know exactly what the people did whose manuscript you're reviewing: JoVE is where you get the information you couldn't get anywhere else.

Here some additional info from their 5th anniversary press release:
JoVE continues to provide free access to developing countries in South America, Asia and Africa through the World Health Organization initiative, HINARI. JoVE is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the academic capital of the world. Starting with 3 employees in 2007, the company now employs nearly 50 people, including science editors, video professionals, and business people. “The growth was very rapid,” said Pritsker, “and we want to make video publication the must-have component of science communication.”

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